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Desain Grafis Indonesia dalam Pusaran Desain Grafis Dunia is the first comprehensive record of Indonesia graphic design in conjunction with graphic design milestones in the world. It was written and compiled chronologically by Hanny Kardinata—a seasoned graphic designer in Indonesia—based on his notes, collections, and archives.

The title was separated into two editions. The first edition chronicles the prehistoric period to the year of 2000 in 12 chapters. As for the second edition (in the making), it will focus on the development happening from the year 2000 onwards.

I took part in designing both the cover and the interior. The book contains a lot of elements to be considered of. Fortunately, before the files were handed to me, the writer has created the very first layout which provide an overview for all the contents inside.

The first edition also marks the collaboration of 13 Indonesian graphic designers which designed the chapter dividers and poster insertion in it.

230 x 290 mm
320 pages
cougar opaque 352gsm + Tomako 80gsm
published by DGI Press, 2016

discipline: Book + Cover Design
scope of work: Art Direction, Design
work done under DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia)
- The final design was developed based on a draft by Hanny Kardinata
- The book size was adjusted with the help of Charles Lee

The design process was started with quetioning and requetioning everything that matters to the book. This phase was needed in deciding both the most suitable direction and efficient method.

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